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    Where everyone is someone in Jesus Name

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Lets live for Jesus Christ our Lord

Founded by Bishop Rupert Clarke

on June 30th 1980

There is Power in Jesus Name

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Ask 4:12


Mount Beulah Rehoboth Apostolic Radio station is here. For Iphones please click the link above to listen our radio, android users may go to the app store and seach for “MBRAC Radio” please enjoy.

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Our Weekly Services helps to strengthen the Weak and motivates the strong in the word of God

Sunday Services begins at 9 AM

Members and non members assemble at MBRAC to felowship and worship the Most High God in the beauty of Holiness. Our services are fully lead by the power of the holy ghost so it is imposible to say when we end.

Bible Class Begins @ 8AM

Our Bible class on Sunday mornings are lead by Pastor Rupert Clarke and other Members appointed at MBRAC to share the knowledge of the living word of God


Our fasting cermonies are on wednesdays and any other time directed by the holy spirit and include deliverance ministry.


MBRAC encourages members and other saints of God to live on prayer. We believe that prayer is not just talking to God but being intimate with Jesus our Lord. With constant prayer there is nothing that God wont do to them that walk upright with him.


We Believe

  • Believe in Jesus Name for the reminishion of your sins
  • Follows only what the bible says
  • Receive everyone that belive on the name of Jesus
  • Believe in the Power of the Holy Ghost

Our Aim

  • To Live Peaceful
  • To be Meek
  • To Be Gentle
  • To have Faith
  • Longsufering
  • To Love
  • To have Joy
  • To have Temperance
  • To do good to others

We believe in the Fruith of the Spirit

Get in touch with us NOW!

Feel free to send your prayer request. Also we look forward in hearing your concerns, May the Lord bless and keep you all.